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Tom Y.

"I had always thought the 12 Steps were about how to quit drinking. I never knew it was a practical course in spiritual living."

Online Step Ten Circle (by invitation only)This is a safe and secure place to share our individual 10th steps within a dedicated community. Sometimes we may not want to make a call, so to have an online space to complete that third part of the 10th step might be helpful. I have put this into use many times in two other online communities but it has always been just me doing it. Here, I thought, might be an opportunity for a different experience: performing online 10th steps with a circle of folks who appreciate this practice as much as I do. Please contact me if you’re interested in participating.

A.A. primary text (the Big Book)

Big Book Search Engine
(This is a basic site, and it has typos—but that just makes me proofread when I copy a quote … and therefore helps me to remember what I’m trying to pass on!)

Audio Recordings
(This is where I found Al-Anon Geneva B., but I mostly listen to the A.A. speakers.)

My Prayers

The Parking Lot

Joe and Charlie—I had first found these guys on xa-speakers, but now a website has been setup for their Big Book Study in which they share their experience, strength, and hope with the world!

Big Book Study (audio)            Big Book Study (transcription)

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